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Working with Millennials

Working with millennials is a tricky business as it requires understanding how these young professionals react to situations they are dropped in, what drives them, the environment they thrive most in, and making sure that the workplace is a fertile ground for their growth.

Millennials are perceived as  being a generation that does not work well with authority. While this might be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that millennials do not have respect for authority. More often than not, they have a problem with being told to do something they had intentions of doing on their own will. Millennials thrive in being nudged, not pushed. Every action has to feel like they are in control.

Millennials, people between the ages of 22-37 in 2018, are integral human personnel in any organization.

As a boss, it is extremely important to understand the right way to balance working with millennials and other generations like baby boomers and Generation X. In three short steps, we will go through the best ways to work with millennials in an average workplace and identify what their priorities are.

Millennials Consider Their Job Options Carefully

Compared to a generation ago where most young professionals entered into the job market married with kids, the same cannot be said of this generation’s millennials who make their job the most exciting part of their lives. Their jobs determine their worth at social gathering, and they look to place it at the center of their identity. The trick to making these young employees genuinely happy is by working according to their goals and creating development plans to aid their growth.

Money Is Not Their Highest Priority

Unlike the past where money played a crucial role in determining the career path of a young employee, millennials are more interested in going on adventures, living a healthy life, and making positive changes in the world. This is good news for most bosses as they do not have to worry about pay raises and the like. However, it requires an organization to work on granting millennials vacations and training programs which will be appreciated much more than extra cash.

Millennials Are Not Fans Of Tedious Assignments

Millennials are not the type to keep their head down and hope they see the end of grunt projects one day. They want to show their value immediately and will speak up for what they believe in without minding the consequences. They do not want to be under-utilized because only  engaging work keeps them excited.

Often, this assertiveness plays well into the company’s hands as they get the best out of such employees. The critical factor is empathy. Bosses need to work on appreciating the intention of millennials and understand why they want the meaningful assignments. Employees with a fresh outlook on life and a ton of mega-tech skills wishing to be in the thick of the action can only result in positive contributions and output.

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