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Why Do People Need Your Product?

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Before you can sell a product or a service successfully, you must be convinced yourself. You must know why people must shell out money to buy what you sell. Let’s say you are selling insurance. Why do people need to buy insurance? For protection! After being fully convinced, that’s when you can have effective marketing strategies on how to sell to other people. Different products/services give different satisfaction. Some products/services provide entertainment while some others provide utility. You must know why your product should be on the market. Some guidelines in answering this question will be provided below.

Know that you provide an experience. People love adventure and exciting experiences. How do you key into this to sell you product? You have to sell more than your product; you have to market a feeling. For instance, if you sell real estate, are you just selling properties or you are selling a comfortable yet affordable lifestyle? Your brand must tell something.

People want to buy solutions to their problems. This is to make them inevitably happy. How about keying into happiness as what you are selling? Give your product/service branding that will appeal to the human in people.

Show how your product increases pleasure and decreases pain (negative experiences, challenges, etc.). Human beings ultimately want satisfaction, happiness, and pleasure. Only a few are interested in pain (even the pain is to an end – satisfaction). How will your product/service increase the pleasure of those buying them? This is a question you have to answer. Sellers of insurance would always promise protection as their trade. Protection makes us happy as humans.

What pain, problem, or negative experience is your product/service taking away? For instance, if you sell car seats, you have to convincingly tell people that your comfort is your trade.

Make yourself reputable and trustworthy in the industry. Your product/service is a brand. You must back up your brand with good reputation and trustworthiness. Consumers must be able to rely on your product/service and even refer to friends and colleagues. You have to keep the standard and the quality high. Don’t allow any stain or bad press to be associated with your product/service. This is why you have to ensure transparency all the way from the sourcing of raw materials to shipping.

Make the process your customers experience with your product/service easy, safe, and secure. Your product may be the best but if the process to use it is not easy or safe, you’re bound to lose customers. Attention must be paid to every detail in ensuring that the product/service is safe, secure and easy to use. It is better to spend more to allow ease for consumers than to lose them because of a tight budget.

Show the necessity of your product and who/what it impacts. Making your product a matter of necessity will go a long way in selling your product. A good example is to be seen in food item products on which it will be written “one out of your required five a day.” With that, importance will be accorded to that product. You must also hint on who or what your product benefits the most. If your product benefit kids, use them in your advert and make it clear that it is very important for them to have what the product/service offers.

You need to answer the question of how your product changes your customer’s life or adds to it in some way. Your product/service must be adding value in a way to the person paying for it. Even if you sell luxury, there is value. Luxury signifies class, elegance, comfort, and importance. Thus, you have to know what you are selling and how it is adding value. If your product/service is not adding any value, it won’t last on the market as other products/services will take the place.

What is the emotion that consumers might have or have tied to the product?In other words, what feelings do your product/service generate in customers? Coca-Cola is a global brand which retains its rightful place at the top. Every Coca-Cola drink is sold with the message that “sharing is happiness”. To live out this slogan, they make bottles, cans, branding, and others to tell how they the product is better enjoyed when shared with others. You should learn from this. You shouldn’t just sell a product; you should market an idea. There should be a particular feeling your product/services evokes with the consumers.

Identify the reasons a consumer would buy your product/service. This will help you know what to focus on, what to remove, and what to improve, and other essentials. A lot of products have gone underwater because of the loss of connection between what the buyers want and what the seller is selling. Is your product/service getting sales because it is fast and easy to use? Is it because it is cheaper than the others? Is it for the protective packaging it offers? You can take surveys from customers to know what they found appealing about your product and how you can improve on it.

How can your product provide gratification? In other words, how can your product give satisfaction? The reason why a customer will buy a product is to be satisfied. How is your product helping to this end? As a seller, your major goal is to have a strong consumer base that attracts more consumers – this is how you make more money. To achieve this, you must be giving a lot of people more satisfaction than they are willing to pay for.

In conclusion, you must give value through your product. People would be sustained as loyal customers when they buy more than a product from you – when they buy a feeling, an idea, an abstract entity that makes us human, etc. You may have to get your buyers opinion on why they buy from you but this is highly beneficial as they feel important as having contributed to something.

The National Independent Hardware Association of America is here for all of your hardware industry needs. Hopefully you have found value within this article on the Why Do People Need Your Product?. We are interested in what you would like to learn more about, please let us know in the comments below.

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