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Turning Leads Into Sales

The majority of your leads will not translate into sales directly just because they were sent through a conversion funnel. Some extra tweaks will need to be implemented to boost your conversions. Here are four tips to help your business convert those leads into sales.

Offer An Incentive

Everyone likes free stuff and offering a discount on a product is a fantastic way to boost your leads and convert them. Offering gifts and the idea of a discount will appeal to the average consumer. It doesn’t necessarily have to be exorbitant or of high monetary value, but it will undoubtedly provide the needed push to help the customer make that final leap and purchase your product or services.

Develop A Great FAQ Page On Your Website

Many leads fail to convert because they have questions to which they need answers before they procure your product. Your FAQ page should answer any potential questions that a customer might have and make it prominent on your site. Schedule a meeting with your sales reps and customer support representatives to compile a list of common frequently asked questions that will answer and clear any doubts as to what the product is about, warranty, discounts available, refund policy, and other related questions.

Hulu has an excellent FAQ page, check their website to mirror what they have accomplished.

Set A Time Limit

You need to cut deadweight as soon as you realize it will not yield any sales within a specific timeframe. Establish a ‘’zero communication’’ deadline to eliminate any unresponsive leads from the marketing funnel. A good example is through email marketing where you can send out a mail along the lines of ‘’We have not heard from you in the past month. Even though this is our final communication, feel free to reach out to us anytime for further questions.’’

This will likely trigger a reaction from the lead and prevent your sales team from wasting valuable time chasing unresponsive leads.

Simple Follow-Up

Follow-ups are a crucial element in converting leads to sales in marketing. A quick call or email asking your leads if they have any additional inquiries will often push them into purchase mode. Over time, this has been an effective way to convert leads into sales in a short period of time.

A simple follow-up will close the bulk of leads for virtually every industry if done right. Contact all the leads generated through the website and have experienced sales reps talk them through what your product entails and any questions they might have. You will be pleased with the effect this simple task can have on your sales.

Finally, there is a fair chance that your competitors are also using the same strategy as you, so you need to make sure your email marketing tactics trump that of your competitors. Make sure your emails are unique compared to the barrage of promotional emails that customers are used to. Include fun facts and make sure that your emails do not sound like pushy sales letters. Get this hack, and you can expect your leads to start turning into sales in no time.

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