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Top Hardware Retail Industry Blogs

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

It’s important for independent hardware retailers to have a sleuth of resources from all corners, online and offline, that could provide information about market trends, important updates on products and even the new tools for potential success within your niche. With that, we’ve provided for you some hardware retail industry blogs that could give you some powerful useful insight into the independent pet retail world.

Bolt: Discusses everything from hardware development to funding strategies.

Predictable Designs: Discusses all aspects of developing and manufacturing new electronic products.

Dragon Innovation:Focuses on all aspects of mass manufacturing a hardware product.

Upverter: Helps to reduce your development cost but also your time to market.

On Startups: Offers a wide variety of information for those bringing hardware products to market.

Concept Sprint: Discuss general startup strategies, project management, hiring your development team, hardware development, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Hardware Startup IQ: Isn’t a blog itself, instead it’s a blog aggregator specifically for hardware startups. They compile and share articles on hardware entrepreneurship from a wide variety of bloggers.

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