Top Hardware Independent Distributors

Top 3 hardware Independent Retailers in the USA

The USA is home to thousands of independent hardware retailers, with each claiming to be the best thing that has happened to humanity since ice cream. You must exercise due diligence to ascertain stores worth their onions before expending scarce resources on an independent hardware retailer. Here are the top hardware-independent retailers in the USA

Ace Hardware

With customer-focused services like free assembly and delivery on ordered hardware, free in-store pick up, and rewards packages for loyal customers, this retail store is expected to continue dominating the independent hardware retail sector of the US retail industry in the coming years. Ace hardware has a huge buffet of hardware for a wide array of customers to choose from. The fact that Ace hardware has consistently been ranked as the highest profit-yielding hardware retail store in the US speaks volumes of its top-notch customer-focused services.


With over 2,000 True Value locations across the US and a strong indication that the number will keep growing. A list of top hardware-independent retailers in the US will never be complete without this rare gem. one of the upsides of banking with this hardware retailer is the wide array of hardware available for customers. The store allows you to window shop, whet your appetite, and of course, reconcile your hardware needs with your bank account before taking the bold step. 

As its name implies, True Value guarantees a true value for every cent spent. According to available statistics, this hardware store is one of the highest revenues yielding hardware retail stores in the US, second only to Ace hardware.

Harbor Freight Tools

One of the advantages of sourcing hardware from this retailer is the competitive price it offers. If there is one thing the COVID19 pandemic has taught everyone, it is important to have a good savings culture. Harbor Freight Tools allows you to save costs by cutting off middlemen and deal directly with the manufacturers of hardware. Apart from blocking a hole in your pocket, this allows you to ascertain the quality of the hardware you are buying as you are dealing with the manufacturers directly; this also guarantees safe repairs if your hardware develops a fault. 

You can walk up to any of Harbor Freight Tools stores or order online through their website after browsing through different departments. Whether you are looking for sophisticated hardware or simple electrical appliances to fix a wall socket, the Harbor Freight Tools is your one-stop center for everything hardware. 


It is important that you must separate the wheat from the chaff, the heroes from the zeroes, and of course, the mediocre hardware stores from the creme de la crème. This concise piece is a good step in this decision. 

Look no further for the top independent hardware retailers in the United States; Ace hardware, True Value, and Harbour Freight Tools have been tested and trusted; their success stories inspire upcoming hardware retailers.