Set Aside 20 Minutes Each Day to Do This

The 24 hours we get in a day never seems to be enough to accomplish tasks as we aim to get more out of the day before another day unfolds. Instead of looking to find more to do in a day, you should be trying to set aside time for specific activities. Imagine if you had twenty minutes to accomplish something simple every day. Now, twenty minutes might seem like too short a time to do anything meaningful but you really can.

Once you are consistent with what you use the time for, you will start to understand the importance and how much you can gain from the twenty minutes. This time should be used to shut out the rest of the world and focus on you. Block out the rest of your surroundings, and turn off your phone and relax.

If you prefer reading, then that is what you should do. If you love writing, use the twenty minutes to write. Don’t read and write. Just write anything that pops up in your mind. It does not have to make sense then. Spending twenty minutes on performing only one task  and this will increase your concentration level for the rest of the day.

We won’t claim to call this technique groundbreaking but the effectiveness lies in its simplicity. The best way to cultivate positive habits is by performing actions that come naturally without much effort.

Consistency begets habit and consistency is the sole reason why creating time for yourself during the day is very important. Using the time to work on habits will boost your focus and help you stay on top of the most important parts of your day. Those twenty minutes will eventually become something you cannot do without.

There is so much content on  YouTube, in blogs, self-help books, and lifestyle guides that cover the topic of what to do with your talents and time. Many well-meaning authors have painstakingly crafted books to help people improve their output within family, work and community. Even with all of this information out there, we rarely implement the tips we read.

Find an alternative that actively involves you deciding how you want to make use of your time. Find a quiet place thats works well for meditation and work on yourself for twenty minutes. Let the quiet of your surrounding environment match that of your head and heart. Calm down and take deep breaths. Think about the materials you have read and how you should work on them. Merely reading will not get you to the point in your life that you wish to attain. The secret lies in doing, not thinking.

There are yoga meditation sessions that take less than twenty minutes and they work wonders to put you in the right train of thought. Jump on this bandwagon or research for other exercises that are not mentioned in this article. Anything that develops a positive habit over time is necessary. If you try this over the next week, you are bound to notice a difference in your daily routine.

Try it out!