Retailers Must Improve Their Search Engine Rankings

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

How relevant and accessible are you on the internet? There are billions of people using the internet every day. These large numbers search for products and services every hour. How do you plan to make the internet work for you? As a 21stcentury seller, you must be pitched on the internet to attract the billions of potential customers to yourself.

Almost every business is on the internet; even businesses you would never expect to find a space have created one for themselves on the internet. The internet increases your visibility, opens you to meaningful partnerships, customers can get to you to make orders and do any other thing at their convenience.

Ways you can improve you search engine ranking will be given subsequently.

Publish relevant high-quality content. Internet traffic is mostly swayed by good content. Make your content relevant and of high quality. Let people find solutions in your content. People have problems they wish they could find lasting solutions to. You can even introduce your products to them through this. You may end up getting more online customers than offline ones. For instance, if you offer logistics services, give accurate and helpful information about logistics on your websites. Let people learn and lead them to your business.

Update regularly and be consistent. Don’t have the same contents for donkey months – update as things change. You can even get a content provider who constantly manages your content productions and get you updated. Consistency is the first rule of the game; you have to keep adding contents. New things happen every day and people seek information about it – be a point of reference for latest information in your niche.

Have useful links. Useful links refer to helpful links where more information can be easily gathered. Help internet users get what they want by supplying them with links. They would always want to return for the useful links you provide on your websites. Just like keeping the foot traffic high in your physical store, you need the online traffic to be on the high by being highly useful.

Get to know the Google ranking algorithm. You have to understand that keywords help you stay up in the search results. You have to understand search engine optimization and how it can help rank high when what you have in content is being searched for. You would always see that some websites get ranked high when search results are given. This is not because they give the best result but because they know how to retain that space. Get yourself that space also.

Understand online ads. You have to know that ads can be very helpful in presenting your products or services to potential customers as they are concise and attractive. You have to know that ads can be used almost anywhere on the internet except where they have been disabled. However, how they are billed and how they can reach your target customers must be clearly understood. This can go a long way in helping you make decisions on which to go for.

Utilize Google Trends and Google Analytics. These tools help you better use the internet. Google Trends let you know how often a keyword is searched for. You can get the most searched for keyword in you niche and incorporate it into your content bank. This will help your appearances when these keywords are searched for.

Google Analytics show you how traffic to a website is. You can know the state of your website with traffic and know how to work on it. Information is power. It can be very helpful in positioning yourself in your target customers’ face.

Assess where you already stand and see how you can move forward. By knowing your current position, you can work to develop yourself and make projections. Where you already stand can be a springboard to where you should be. You should meet those who have faced similar challenges and have moved beyond that point. You can also get experts to help solve the problem. If your current traffic rate isn’t satisfying, get to learn more about what can draw traffic to your website.

Be mobile friendly. Mobile phones can arguably do everything a normal computer can do. It was back in the days when there is preference for computers for the ease and versatility. Now, some high-end mobile phones can do much better than computers. With this, you cannot afford to be out of the loop. Get a mobile app version of your website or blog to allow ease for your members and followers. The success of the online stores can be largely attributed to the ease it gives to easily order items on mobile apps. It is as easy as playing games.

Improve your customer user experience. How Google became an internet giant cannot be divorced from the aim to give the best user experience. This is the same for Apple and other tech giants. Innovations and new systems are entering the industry daily; flow with the season; don’t be stagnant. Your mobile app must be easy and awesome. It should bring together sophistication and simplicity in the same platform.

Optimize your images. The internet is basically visual. What attracts is what one sees. You should optimize your images to make them attractive and evoke curiosity. Your background image should be what should give a good presentation of you. Don’t complicate things with color combinations – keep things simple but highly effective. You can always change pictures but don’t use pictures that offend. Your logo is also very important; make it look nice.

In conclusion, getting the best out of the internet is not impossible. It may not be easy at first but that market has a lot of potentials and you should stay in it. Just like physical retail, woo your customers with good and quality contents, optimized pictures, and user-friendly features.

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