Relationship Building versus Sales

Sales relationships are integral to driving revenue. Some retailers today choose to make sales and forget that they need to fuel the relationship between their customers and the business. Companies are responsible for building relationships with your customers and sales representatives are obliged to maintain and improve those relationships.

“People buy from people they like.” Why is this saying true? When you build healthy relationships with your customers, you strengthen a bond and expand the reach of your influence. As you build this relationship, you increase the chances of creating loyal customers which will add to your brand value.

The quickest and most formal method of building relationships is having good rapport. Good rapport with your customers smoothens communication and helps avoid unnecessary conflicts. Sometimes your rapport with customers can come naturally at other times you have to make a greater effort to facilitate the conversation.

Follow these easy steps to build a better and stronger relationship with your customer.

Social Media Influence

Social media is vastly used in our society today. With social media, you can reach out to many potential new customers relatively easily. Social media allows for a more interactive experience rather than just a typical transaction. You could come up with brainteaser questions, riddles, or memes to keep the conversation and activity on your social media platform going. Look out for things that can strengthen the bond and improve on it. You will be surprised by the results you will receive from your social media efforts.

Say Hi

For instance, you have a customer that regularly does business with you, it won’t hurt to reach out during birthdays or special holidays. A simple email saying “thank you for doing for doing business with us” will do. Your clients will feel appreciated and connected to your company.

Quick Response

Giving swift responses to your messages makes your customers feel connected. Place your customer as a top priority because they will help you grow.

Maintain Relationships

Spice up the relationship with your customers by giving discounts for frequently visiting your company. Don’t put in all the hard work of strengthening the bond only to forget about them. Let your customers know your intention, either for a new product, or a modified product. Seek the opinion of the public on your ideas. Follow other company’s social media and congratulate them on their success. Follow these steps and you would be surprised by the increase in new customers.