Exclusive Retail Intelligence.

Exclusive Retail Intelligence

• Independent Retail Insights Portal: Fortune 500 advisory council summaries, benchmarking surveys, white papers, handbooks, templates & tools

• Independent Retail magazine: Commentary and analysis on emerging board leadership issues delivered quarterly

• Independent Retail News: Focused news delivered to your inbox when you need to see it

• Independent Retail Registry: Profile in our proprietary member database

• Online Templates and Tools: Practical guides for implementing leading best practices

Premier Networking and Director-Education Events

• Independent Retail Summit: The largest retail owner-centric summit in the world

• Complimentary Webinars: Covering marketing, financial, employment and merchandising trends

• Engagement with Regulators:  Contribute to the collective voice of the association

Essential Boardroom Services

• Customized Retail Education Programs: Facilitated by active directors and subject-matter experts who bring real-world experience directly to your screen

• Independent Peer Evaluations*: Delivered by a association peer who understands the nuances of the retail landscape and appreciates the delicacy of operating an independent retail store

• Custom Benchmarking Reports*: Assess your retail performance as compared to your peers

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