How To Tell When You Need To Pivot

Pivoting in a company or startup means adopting or shifting to a new strategy. Most people believe that it entails a significant change to the company as a whole but it may be changing one aspect of the company to address a specific issue. It is hard to determine if your company needs to pivot. If you feel like your business or company is slowly dying off or stagnant, it would be wise to create a pivoting strategy. If you don’t change or adapt, you will probably fail. You must decide if you need to pivot before doing so, as this can be costly and time consuming.

Too Much Competition

When you first start your business your ideas may seem original and unique, but with time you gain competition from businesses with better funding, resources, and a broader audience. A more prominent business may come up with a better version of your product, and you will have no choice but to pivot. You wouldn’t want to go toe to toe with IBM if you’re a tech startup.

Change in Perspective

A lot of the time the products or services don’t need to change as much as leadership and perspective does.  After launching your business, you have learned a lot and perhaps your perspective about the industry has changed.  As a result of the change in how you see things, you spot new opportunities you didn’t know existed. Your understanding of your customers will increase as you gain experience in your industry. If you are wanting to create a change you should reflect on your ideas before formulating and executing a plan.

One Part Works Better Than the Others

You should focus your energy on what is working best within you company, and not on your weaknesses. You should neglect the part of your business that is not succeeding and your focus should be on your strengths. Focusing on your strengths will increase your productivity and revenue.

Your Company Has Reached an Impasse

Every startup owner aims to reach the top of their industry, and to stay relevant within their industry. The growth of your company can be measured by the increase in revenue or increase in efficiency.  If you notice your income over an extended period is not improving, it’s a clear sign that you have to do something different or put in more effort.

You Want To Be Everything to Everyone

Most startups try to serve everyone at the same time causing problems as they spread their resources too thin. It is essential to focus on the value of your product and what exactly you want your customers to get from your product. Your passion and drive for growth and profit should be met with flexibility aimed at recognizing opportunities that will help your business reach new heights.