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How to Make Your Business a Better Place to Work

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

The work environment determines a lot for the employee. It determines if the willingness to continue is there or not. Many work transitions can be attributed to unfavorable work environments at their previous jobs. The reality of the situation is: you can’t afford to keep losing employees as it can be money and time consuming to find worthy and valuable employees.

Tips on how to make your business a better place to work will be given below.

Communicate and appreciate workers

Your workers are your teammates; you’ve always got to communicate with them. More, on any little work they do, don’t forget to always appreciate them. Communication is key; your door must be open at all times and they also must be accessible. It would not do a lot of good, if there is hesitancy in making attempts to communicate. Your workers do a lot of work; show them you notice by appreciating them.

Learn to teach

As a leader, you must be able to instill knowledge. There is a project and your teammates are lost about the details, you are the one to pass the knowledge across to them. If you are not a natural teacher, take only courses on how to acquire the skill of impacting others with knowledge.


You don’t have to go at it all alone; collaborate with your teammates and get the job done faster and better. You must learn how to work in teams and with other people as more ideas are available for the task at hand. Though you are the leader and you have to supervise, let people learn collaboration from you in the way you bring others on board to make things happen.

Encourage an environment of acceptance

Embrace people for the value they have to offer. Don’t discriminate on the basis of anything. Let it be an office culture to have open arms to people. People work better in environments they feel welcome and appreciated. Don’t allow sentiments to have a place in your office. As a leader, people are watching you and the signals you are passing across. If you are not a person with open arms, it is not impossible that people in your workplace will follow suit.

Focus on employee development

Every dime you spend developing an employee will inevitable come to you in thousands as it is an investment with huge profits. You have to develop your employees to make them better. For instance, if you own a store, if you attendants are not smart with consumer relations, you may be losing customers. Arrange and sponsor developmental courses and trainings for them.

Inspire a culture of self-awareness

Self awareness is having a clear perception of you. It deals with knowing your strengths and weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation and emotions. As a leader, you have to inspire a culture that will make people more self aware about themselves. Being more self aware helps them in making better decisions, knowing how people perceive them, and knowing how to get better. Let people work on tasks in the way they feel most comfortable in.

Improve employee independence

Let your workers be free and be able to make decisions on their own. Give them space to be independent. Many leaders think that by being constantly appearing, they are doing the best supervising job. Give room for innovation and introspection. As much as you have to be around, know when to live and don’t infrequently show up at the door.

Having a clear vision and mission

A clear vision and mission is what your team can key into. Be clear-sighted as to your goals. When employees see this, they look at how they can align personal goals with that of the business. That nexus is what brings out the best in people.

Accessible leadership advice

Be a leader. Your employees will come to you for advice and mentorship, don’t turn them down. Provide accessible leadership to your employees. That way, you are seen as impactful on their lives and the respect for you increases. Keep your door open so that your teammates can easily walk in and see your advice.

Avoid politics

Politics have a way of polarizing people; avoid it. Be for everyone and not for some people. When you start to favor some people over another, you are playing politics. You don’t have a special constituency within your office; the office is your constituency and thus, don’t encourage the culture of political loyalty. Give the needed leadership.

Seeking honest feedback

Feedback is good but better when honest. Let others tell you the truth about your behavior and leadership skills. You need it to be better. Let your employees know that their feedback can only make you a better person and assure them you will work on the noted points.

Fun atmosphere

Yeah, you’ve got to be professional. However, don’t kill the fun. Have an atmosphere that is more human than robotic. This makes human interaction much better. Google has professionals, but googlers work in a fun environment.

Develop management skills

If you can’t properly manage, take an online course or any way you can make yourself better at it. As a leader, you are managing relationships, people, hours, money, and a whole lot of other things. Learn how to be better at management.

Provide rewards and appreciation

Rewards and appreciation are ways of showing people that you recognize and value their contributions. These are great motivations. As a leader, your validation is important and it helps in getting more dedication and hard work from the employee.

Help them gain professional growth

Your employees will be happier to work with you when you invest into their lives. Sponsor certification programs; provide online courses and give them time to focus on it. They become better at dealing with tasks you assign to them.

In conclusion, your workplace can be a better place to work if you pay attention more to what makes your employees tick. Be a friendly and accessible person; don’t allow favoritism or politics; and accept people with open arms.

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