How To Get More Out Of Your Day

Do you feel hard-pressed with time? If so, you are not alone. Millions of people feel this way too and unfortunately there is no way to add more hours to a day. However, using the following skills you will be able to squeeze a few hours to yourself each day:

Book An Appointment Right After Work

You should book activities right after you close from work by 5 pm, be it exercise or something you want to get done right after work and make sure you meet the appointment, do not stick around work too long. This makes you efficient in the afternoon every day.

Wake Up Early

Wake up early to pray, exercise, or write. Do this to not disrupt family time.

Do The Dirty Jobs First

Do the unpleasant things first, so you don’t spend most of your day thinking about how you’ll get it done.

Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode

Putting your phone on airplane mode helps you concentrate on the important things, and you get to achieve more in less time. As receiving calls or replying to messages can take a massive part of your day.

Fewer TV Shows

We should cut down the amount of time we spending watching television to extend our the hours in our day.


Playing games takes too much time leading us to neglect our work. We must learn to put distractions like this aside.

Email And Social Media

You can be lured into checking your emails, and social media feeds for two or more hours. Therefore put a gird on yourself.


Is there something else you need to be doing? Delegate some of the work your doing to someone else you trust. Entrusting someone to help with your work, gives your more time to focus on what you really need to be doing.

Merge Errands

Don’t spend all week running errands? Do all of your chores in one day, so they are done at one time and you don’t have to constantly be distracted by your chores.

Learn how to say NO

We don’t want to disappoint people but to get more out of your day, say NO to some unfavorable suggestions people throw at you in meetings or requests to join a committee or team.  If you don’t decline them these new commitments make take up large portions of your day.

Go straight to the point

Instead of having long meaningless chats just speak to the main point, saving your self-time.

Educate others

Save time by teaching people things they are doing wrong that slow you down. Teach them correctly so no further adjustments need to be made.

Give others authority

Give other authority to make decisions for you, but make sure to give them guidelines on how to do so. Reducing your pile of decisions and leaving you to monitor their work instead.