How To Differentiate Your Brand

Having a strong brand is one of the keys to success in the business world today, and brand differentiation is necessary. Brand differentiation is the way a brand is distinguished from others, by highlighting the superior performing aspects of your brand. A distinction can be regarding the physical features of your product, the pricing, or even the customer experience your product offers. Brand differentiation is essential for marketing your brand, and it also has the significant effect on the profitability and long-term success of your brand. Here are ways to differentiate your brand:

Price Differently

One of the easiest and quickest way to get noticed in the market is to come up with prices that are distinct to the competition. You can be then  best seller by offering the lowest price, or you can decide to be the premium brand with a higher price. If you sell a similar product as your competitors at a lower price, you will get more attention for your product. In contrast to lower pricing, you can develop premium pricing for your product if your products are of high quality and your target market can afford to pay a higher price.

Deliver Superior Customer Service Experience

If you have all other factors equal to your competitors, giving your customer a memorable and superior customer service experience by surpassing their expectation will make your brand stand out. Offering excellent customer service experiences like a pay pack option, free shipping and free returns will allow your product to command a higher price and help you in creating a unique brand. Customers are attracted to different brands because everyone has different taste. So no one expects the same experience from all brands. Instead of thinking of the regular customer experience, think about the brand experience. Look for touch points along the customer journey that match consistently with your brand positioning.

Have A Unique Brand Story

All successful business brands have fascinating stories behind them. Emphasizing and developing your brand story will help you stay unique. Stick with the fundamental characteristics of your DNA and reinstate the promise, personality, and values of your brand. By creating a compelling brand story, your customers will be able to distinguish your brand personality and develop an interest in your brand.

Have A Specific Target Market

It is important that you have a target market. Know the group of people your product aim at, is it women, men, kids, adult, athletes, techies? A unique target market is part of your USP (Unique Selling Point). Some products have more specific targets than the others but the more you can narrow down your target audience the more you’ll be able to differentiate yourself. Specifying your market doesn’t limit people who will buy your product. A product aimed at old people can be purchased by the young to feel mature, and regular gym goers can purchase products aimed at sportspersons.

Brand Personification

Personifying your brand involves developing a character that matches the qualities of your brand. It may be regarding your brand logo, product name, or brand mascot. Lots of successful business brands like Redbull, Green Giant vegetables have used this to distinguish their brand from the competitors, and it has helped them be more successful. Unique branding makes it easy for your target customers to spot your product amongst others.