How to Cultivate Brand Evangelists

Brand evangelists are the happy and highly satisfied customers who can’t keep quiet about a product. They can’t wait to sing praises about a good product. They are what we can call your ideal customers; they go beyond the customers that make a single purchase.

Brand evangelist makes sure your product is known by the public even if they have to go from door to door to spread the news. These brand evangelist as we call them are not born but cultivated. Creating a brand evangelist takes a lot of work and time.

Brand evangelists carry the torch of your company’s information with a positive mindset, and they can spread this information faster. Through brand evangelist, you can spread the positive image of your company and power your advertisement at a smaller cost. Brand evangelist can be contractors, employees, distributors, and most especially the consumer.

There are few steps we are going to discuss in this post on how exactly brand evangelist can be cultivated.

Create a list Of Potential Evangelists

The first step to take while planning to cultivate brand evangelist is to create a list of potential candidates and  happy customers. Happy customers tend to reach out to other potential customers. Companies always have a long list of happy customers they reach out to for ideas and information on consumer wants and needs.

Social Media Advantage

Be organic by turning the situation around in your favor. Celebrities run their social media and they have a major influence on consumers. You could cultivate a brand evangelist by following certain celebrities and having them sponsor your brand on social medial. Fans trust the judgment of their favorite celebrity, so take advantage of their reach and experience business growth by aligning with top celebrities to get your brand out there.


Employees are the heart of your business. Without employees there would be no business. Employees interact with your customers on a daily basis, meaning they have a huge part to play in your brand evangelism. Your employee’s happiness should be a top priority to keep your business on the right track. Brand evangelism brings out a feeling of being cared for and listened to. You can tell when a customer is pleased with your product, make your employees happy today, and you would be surprised by the fantastic results you get.

Business Relationships

Finally and arguably the most critical step to cultivating a brand evangelist is to build a great relationship with your customers. We were taught that for businesses coming out on top is important but without a healthy relationship this does not matter. As an entrepreneur, it is important to build strong relationships with your customers.