How to Approach a Retailer about Carrying Your Product

Getting a retailer to pick up a new product may be a daunting task as a business owner. Retailers have few spaces on their shelves and limited budgets to introduce new products. To get retailers for your product, you need to convince the retailer that you’re a reliable producer and you have the product the customers want to purchase. Retailers always prefer products that will be successful.  Regardless of the outcome, or the size of the retailer, your sales strategy should always display that you are respectful and professional. It is essential to understand how to approach a store to market your product. Here are ways to approach retailers about carrying your product.

Come up with a Good Presentation

As you are planning to meet retail store owners, make your initial presentation brief and straight to the point. Once you meet these retailers, regardless of the size of their shop, show them how your product can merge with their existing product lines. Make sure you’re equipped will all the facts about your product to answer all their questions. Your presentation should cover; the target audience of your product, the appealing parts of your products, the volume you can supply, promotional support you are willing to offer as well as discount levels and selling price. Show your sales history in a way that it portrays demand. Showing them the size of the product in the packaging is also necessary because some retailers see reasons regarding profit per space of their shelf, so creating the best product size in conjunction with appearance is important.

Start Locally

Like a good neighbor, you may already be familiar or a customer with the retailers in your locality. Getting your product into a local retail store is a more comfortable way than targeting large chains of stores considering the fact that you have a personal relationship with the store owner. You can encourage local retailers to promote your product based on the fact that the product is locally produced and buying will benefit the entrepreneurs in the neighborhood. Also, learn from meeting local stores and put these experiences to use by including in your presentation how you would mitigate risks associated with the product.

Understand Your Customer Needs

Know the wants of your target customers. You may have had a sole inspiration for your product,  however, in the item details be sure to include things that appeal to the masses. You can visit stores that have the potential to sell your product and find out what the demands are and what are their wants in a product. A few details you gather from this research might be all you need to make your product the priority of most retailers.

Visit and Take Your Product to Tradeshows

Visit tradeshows with your product. Although a tradeshow booth might be a bit expensive, it is an avenue for you to come in contact with major retailers. Retailers are always present at tradeshows in order to assess new products. Being at a tradeshow will open you up to a receptive audience. You can also consider conducting an indoor demonstration at a retailers store to affirm that your product has a customer base.

Prove Your Product Has Positive Consumer Interest

Creating an online presence for your product is another way of getting your product across to the public. You can write a blog about your product and leave an area for customer reviews. Use social media like Facebook and Instagram to get feedback. Showing positive feedback to potential retailers will be evidence that your product has sales potential.