How This Mobile Technology Development May Impact Your Business

The business world remained stagnant over the last century after the Industrial Revolution, but odds are the likelihood of that happening again are rare. The enormous rate at which technology is evolving, mutating, and adapting is so fast that whether you are ready or not, you will be swept away by the influence.

You might not understand how far technology has come until you start to take into account the amount of growth that has been achieved over time in the different fields especially about business. If only there were a time machine that could send one back to five years ago, you would be amazed at a lot of technologies you depend on now that did not exist merely five years ago.

Technology development has caused a boom in how business market their product by further stretching the reach of the sales team in getting in touch with customers. Examples can be said of Omni-channel marketing, app generation, and commerce applications.

Below are three ways in which technology development has positively affected the business industry.

Mobile Solutions

Mobility is the next big catch when it comes to business. Even Google has recognized the importance of websites that provide flawless web browsing by prioritizing them through its algorithms. You can oversee and effect changes in your business from any remote location if your smartphone or tablet is installed with the correct software.

With the millennial generation in full flow, more people are using their devices to perform tasks like finding local businesses, sharing their retail experiences, shipping, sending invoices, and customer relation. This shift towards mobility has highlighted the extent to which technology has integrated seamlessly with businesses.

Cloud Computing

Whether your company is established or just starting out, the ability to secure a portion of your operations on third-party servers via simple Internet connectivity is a vital mode of operation in today’s businesses. This allows for immediate expansion and mobility without the possibility of crashes or loss of data permanently.  This process has proven to be a cost-effective solution for small businesses that are looking to compete with big corporations.


Another effect of technology has been the ease in which people stay in contact. You can have your co-workers attention at a moment’s notice. You can send targeted marketing emails to leads that will likely become sales. The emergence of mobile technology has integrated seamlessly with communication software to provide a web of real-time information sharing. Meetings do not have to be in the physical sense, with apps like Skype and instant messaging messages can be sent across the board with the same effect as dragging your employees out of the comfort of their homes.

Platforms like Airtable and Podio are wonderful at categorizing each worker’s aspect of the project, leading to minimal supervision. The time that would be wasted on these tasks can be used to work on making the business better in other aspects.

With the ever-evolving way technology operates, there is no limit to technology developments that could ease the burden of running a business and aid growth as well.