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About URscent

Create your very own custom air freshener for your car with this refillable spray diffuser. Give your car’s interior a wonderfully fresh and unique scent with a personal touch by filling it with your favorite fragrances. You can use the funnel to easily pour in your signature perfume, a calming essential oil, or even a refreshing odor eliminator! If you’re in need of some inspiration, there is an option for an included Island paradise scent or Fresh Linen scent, to get you started (see fragrance notes below).   

This customizable car freshener attaches to your air vents with a secure clip so that you can enjoy a gentle stream of your scent while you drive. If you want to eliminate any unwanted odors in your car, simply detach the diffuser and spray the area that requires a refresh. Its compact size also means that you can fit this freshener in your pocket, purse, or handbag, allowing you to take it on the go with you to the gym, bathroom, or anywhere it is needed!    

This Car Air Freshener Kit Includes:      

  • 1x Customizable Car Air Freshener 
  • 1x Island Paradise Fragrance
  • 1x Air Vent Clip
  • 1x Pouring Funnel

Key Benefits:      

  • 2-in-1 Function: Attach the air vents to let the fragrances flow freely or use it as a spray bottle to disperse the scents in the areas in the car in need of a refresh. 
  • Compact Size: Take your mini air freshener on the go with you wherever it’s needed. This portable aroma diffuser easily fits in your pocket, purse, or handbag. 
  • Customizable Scent: Unlike standard car air fresheners, URscent gives you the option to choose the fragrance. Simply pour it into the refillable diffuser using the funnel. Island Paradise Fragrance Notes:Be transported to Island Paradise as you bask in the exotic floral scents. This fragrant bouquet incorporates a fusion of water lotus, lily of the valley, rosewater, star jasmine, violet petals, white musk, precious woods, and sea moss so that you can enjoy a tranquil moment of bliss.

    Fresh Linen Fragrance Notes:

    Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh laundry? Take the scent we all love with you on your car journeys to create a relaxing, homey atmosphere! Filling your car’s interior with a wonderfully bright and clean aroma, this fragrance is reminiscent of crisp linen sheets drying in the summer sun.

URscent Scent refills
URscent Scent Refills offer the ultimate customization in car air freshening. Our Special scent blending feature empowers you to craft a unique fragrance experience by blending any of our amazing scents.

Mix and match any of our exclusive scents to create a unique fragrance experience
Enjoy the flexibility of changing up your car’s scent to match your mood or occasion

Customizable scent packs allow for a personalized and unique driving experience
URscent Refill Packs contain up to 120 days of fragrance, providing a long-lasting, fresh scent

Save time and money with our long-lasting fragrance, and eliminate the need for frequent replacements

URscent Scent Refills come with two new Amazing scents, “Black Cherry” and “Citrus Medley,” as well as our popular scents, “Island Paradise” and “Fresh Linen”
Made in the USA for high-quality manufacturing standards

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