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Fore Ground NZ Limited is a New Zealand company that has invented, designed and produced Springgrow.

SpringGrow is an innovative new to market, first of its type in the world, plant support system, designed to facilitate the domestic and commercial growing of all climbing vegetables, vines and bines that require lateral and vertical support, such as tomatoes, peppers, beans, zucchini, hops, grape vines, ornamentals and Hoya plants

SpringGrow originated as a result of needing an alternative to string and bamboo for training young grape plants onto the fruiting wire. There was nothing else in the market place that provided both lateral and vertical plant support with a re-usable non perishable, expandable characteristic.

SpringGrow has provided the solution to this and has proved a versatile functional product with novelty factor. It is easy to use, time saving and comes in a recycled eco friendly pack.

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