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About SpecRAK

SpecRAK is a Native American Woman-Owned company that is revolutionizing eyewear organization. To share a little backstory about the SpecRAK product: while living wheelchair-bound, SpecRAK creator Jim Craig crafted SpecRAK out of a genuine need for accessibility. Keeping his eyewear within arm’s reach became a critical need, and Jim quickly went to work crafting a solution.

With SpecRAK, finding your glasses becomes a thing of the past. A simple peel and press, and your eyewear has a secure spot on any surface – be it in your car, boat, RV, Big Rig, workshop, home office, or kitchen. No more fumbling with cases; SpecRAK brings practical efficiency to your space, offering a streamlined solution to the eternal question, “Where are my glasses?”

SpecRAK’s sleek black finish seamlessly complements your workspace or enhances the organization of your home. It accommodates various eyewear, from reading glasses to safety glasses, ensuring they stay scratch-free and ready for action. SpecRAK is a multi-use product and can also hold shears, screwdrivers, and key clips. You can hang anything up to 3 lbs. or less. Elevate your hardware and home goods game with SpecRAK.

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