Respilon® Adjustable Nanofiber Window Screen

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The new RESPILON® adjustable window screen transforms an ordinary window screen into a filter that blocks viruses, bacteria, smog, emissions, allergens, dust, pollen, insects, and more from entering an open window. The nanofiber membrane is water-resistant.

This is the first adjustable window screen on market today, which filters smog particles. Anyone can easily install this adjustable screen to the sash window. No tools needed. The screen offers an unmatched level of protection, good transparency, and airflow.

This innovative product helps you and your loved ones to enjoy the natural breeze without the worry of dust (PM10), fine dust (PM2.5), smog, emissions (PM1.0), pollen, mold spores, and of course insects. Breathe-free without danger of outdoor air pollution.

The level of protection offered by this product is comparable to high-end HVAC systems without the need for maintenance and complexity. It offers a combination of high-level filtration with still showing transparency (we want you to see the outside world) and airflow (we want you to enjoy the fresh air with an open window).

RESPILON® Adjustable Screen is designed to fit every vertical or horizontal sash (single/double hung) window.

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