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About Instinct Ready Incorporated

Capable Citizens are assets in times of need – the only help until help arrives. To be a Capable Citizen you must be educated, prepared, and equipped to help in an emergency. Preparedness starts at home to create capable citizens. Instinct Ready’s mission is to educate, prepare and equip you for disasters through quality education and premium products. Together we can create prepared and resilient communities.
The QuikPak gives you the tools you need to save lives! This first aid kit is more than just an everyday “first aid kit”. It comes with basic first aid supplies and advanced tools, including a tourniquet, chest seal, hemostatic dressing(a gauze that is impregnated with chemicals to help seal the wound), flexible splint, and CPR mask. Perfect for off-duty First Responders and trained medical personnel who already have the readiness to assist. For non-trained citizens, the hang tag provides a scannable QR code that links to a FREE online STOP THE BLEED® class. These kits are compact enough that we recommend every citizen have at least 3: Work/Class, Home/Dorm, and personal vehicle.

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