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I’m Zack Owner and Founder of HoneySuckle Builds.

We are a raw wood product supplier and manufacturer. We specialize in creating DIY crafts projects, home decor and cut to size pine boards.
Below is a sampling of a few of our products. We currently supply 187 DIY studio businesses across the USA monthly with their specific trademarked built products and raw wood that is used in their locations as store inventory for their DIY workshop events.

We are looking to expand and grow our brand and business. We specialize in raw pine boards and plywood materials. We think offering products that can be marketed as “DIY Paint & Finish Yourself” items, would be a great market for retail consumers to purchase as a fun DIY product they can do themselves at home, personalize, use and display as their own creations.

We have a small sampling of our own products and options below. As was mentioned we have the ability to create and build others projects and items based on the customers request. Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is an item or option you would like to see built that is not displayed.



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