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About Good Life Inc.

We are a Southern Oregon based company that specializes in humane and eco-friendly pet and pest solutions. We just celebrated our 21st year in business and unlike competitors’ cheap imitations our products boast superior technology and construction. At Good Life our goal is to make life more comfortable, to simplify the everyday problems that get in the way of more worthwhile endeavors with family-focused solutions to day-to-day difficulties, we strive to take the strife out of life, so we can all get to enjoying the good life.

Our products are all humane, non-toxic, non-shock products that utilize one or a combination of ultrasonic and electromagnetic frequencies, vibration, and negative ions to deter bad behavior and unwanted critters.

Our Dog Silencer Max is our best selling product that’s been designed for extra stubborn barkers. The DS MAX will quiet your dog, or the barking neighbor dog, using safe ultrasonic sound as a deterrent. Get the peace and quiet you deserve using this humane, no-shock trainer that can stop dog barking up to 300 feet away.

Our Pest Repeller Ultimate AT is a 5-in-1 electronic rodent and insect repeller for indoor use. Stop mice and roaches from invading your kitchen, keep scorpions out of your carpet, and repel rats from your attic. Without the use of harsh chemicals, poisons, or traps the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT is a family-friendly solution to your pest problem. Safely create a critter-free environment in your home or business.

The Guardian is an indoor/outdoor pest deterrent that works on raccoons, deer, bats, rats, mice, squirrels, opossums, skunks, and chipmunks via a motion detector by using predator sounds, ultrasonic sounds, strobe lights, or our select a pest dials. Works on batteries or electric.

And our Solar SafeGuard protects your yard and garden from destructive burrowing animals. Charged by the sun, it emits a high-frequency sound above ground and a strong powerful vibration underground. This combination drives out unwanted guests such as gophers, moles, voles, groundhogs, snakes and other burrowing pests.

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