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About FloodAvert by CABENO Environmental Field Services, LLC

FloodAvert provides flood defense products offering flood prevention solutions for homes and businesses. It does not matter whether you get a flood warning in the case of a flash flood or a plumbing mishap, all you need to do is grab your FloodAvert Floodbags and Floodscreen and deploy them when and where needed for instant protection from damaging natural floods, leaks or spills. The Floodbags come filled with a super absorbent polymer powder and will inflate in 3-minutes or less when exposed to water. Floodscreen is a waterproof membrane and is particularly effective for door openings when used in combination with Floodbags. FloodAvert products are lightweight, easy to store, and even easier to deploy.

The FloodAvert flood protection kits come in a variety of sizes and variations to fit your specific flood protection needs. The Floodbags are as thin as a pillowcase when shipped and stored. Once deployed and water saturated they will absorb 45-pounds of water and function better than a traditional sandbag. Great for homeowners and business owners alike for both external floods and internal leaks.

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