Arqlite Smart Gravel

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About  Arqlite Smart Gravel

Arqlite Smart Gravel is the perfect product for the modern gardener and the hydroponic grower.

PREVENT BROWN SPOTS, ROOT ROT, AND DROPPING LEAVES by adding a layer of Arqlite Smart Gravel to the base of your pots
Arqlite promotes proper drainage to create a healthy soil environment that supports INCREASED GROWTH and STRONGER PLANT HEALTH by protecting from OVERWATERING

REDUCE YOUR WATERING IN HALF by adding a layer of Smart Gravel as a topping in pots and raised garden beds. This light cover will last for years and will keep the moisture in your soil, contributing to big water and time savings.

3x LIGHTER THAN MINERAL GRAVEL and lighter than expanded clay, making transportation and installation a breeze. Save your back and your wallet
Smart Gravel Regular size (1/2 – 1 in) is ideal for all home gardening, pots, planters, raised garden beds, propagation, hydroponics, plant filler, indoor gardening, decoration, & more! A single bag will be enough for up to 4 pots (6in base)

Arqlite Smart Gravel is the newest growth media for hydroponics, fixing all the problems of LECA. You’ll be happy you switched, we promise.
DUST FREE to keep your systems clean. SAVE TIME & MONEY with our pre-cleaned Smart Gravel so you can focus on what matters most – growing the perfect plants.

REUSABLE – Smart Gravel can be easily reused, again and again, saving time, money, and the environment.
EASIEST GROWTH MEDIA – Ultralight and ready-to-install pebbles that PROMOTE OXYGEN FLOW and NUTRIENT ABSORPTION to roots.

MADE IN THE USA WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS. For every bag of Arqlite Smart Gravel that you purchase, you are deviating over 4 lbs of plastic from landfills, rivers, and oceans.

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