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End Your Day By Doing These Five Things To Increase Your Productivity

Today we will discuss making a to-do list to tie up loose ends, below are some things you can do to improve your productivity and start each day fresh.

Update Or Make Your To-Do List

Recently researchers from Florida State University discovered that people performed below average at brainstorming projects if they were stopped from completing a small warm-up task before. People tended to concentrate on the uncompleted rather than the work ahead, which meant they were not getting anything done. Therefore, you have to mark those tasks off your list at the end of every day. So they can be out of your mind.

If you have to write a to-do list for each day, trash today’s list and start a new one for tomorrow. You will feel more organized and focused for the next workday.

Tie Up Loose Ends

If you can complete a task efficiently and quickly in the last minutes of the workday, make sure you finish it. When you do not complete a task for that day, it will be at the back of your mind when you get home, and it will be the first thing you think of the next morning. If you do it too many times, you will develop a pattern of dread as you anticipate tasks left hanging day after day.

Update your calendar, send off a quick email, and check in with your boss to be more productive the next morning. Make sure to end the day on a positive note, by reminding yourself of your successes that day.

Take Care Of Little Things

In a bid to increase productivity you have to take care of little things like washing the coffee cup that’s been sitting on your desk since nine o’clock that morning, so it’s ready for use when you resume working the next day. Attend to your emails, reports, and status memos at the end of the day. Taking care of these tasks at the end of the day means fewer small tasks and emails waiting for you in the morning.

Tidy Up Your Workspace

A tangible way of marking the day as done is by tidying up. A research discovered that we waste up to 19 percent of the workday, approximately 1.76 hours — just looking for stuff. This means cleaning up at the end of the day will make you feel relaxed as you close the day and help you start the next day on the right foot.

Truly Disconnect

In order to increase productivity, you have to turn off notifications on your cellphone and turn off your computer for a while. If you use a single laptop for both entertainment and work, make sure you close out all the tabs you have opened during the workday. When you get home turn off your phone or charge it in a different room than the one you are in. Your friends, family, or pets deserve your attention. With a clear difference between personal time and work time, you will be able to tackle the next day with more inspiration, positivity, and energy.

When you start taking a few small steps at the end of the day, you will find that your mornings run smoother and your days are more productive.

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