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Best Resources for Your Business

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

As digitization comes with its own benefits, businesses can only get better. There are several tools to make business a worthwhile experience for you. Several websites and software have been developed to suit your business needs and their usefulness extends from payroll management to bookkeeping.

Here is a list of resources that can be beneficial to your business.

Drawing up an agreement or registering your business may require some legal help. However with this tool, you can save up on what you would have normally paid lawyers as there are legal articles to give you legal advice, documents, and templates for legal drafting.

Factorial (app)

This is an HR app that helps to perform tasks that can be automated such as payroll, time-off tracking, documents, and company benefits.

This is a website that helps you with the registration of your business. You want to know the licenses and permits you are to pay by the laws of the state you operate in, go on this website and you shall be directed to your state for requisite information.

This is a non-profit with about 10,000 volunteers. What happens here is that business mentorship and partnership are given to business owners for free. You just need to register and you will be paired with a mentor.

Breaking Down Your Business: Podcast

This podcast is for business owners. With interesting series dropped every week, new lessons and tips are shared by experienced business coaches. You should avail yourself of this audio show.

Hyper Island Toolbox

This is a website which helps build team spirit and creativity in subscribers. The website uses tools and methods to build leadership in people. This is a very useful that has helped many business owner develop themselves to be better leaders and to build more effective teams.


This is one useful online learning platform that helps you develop the skills you need to become a salesforce expert in a multiple of areas. The platform uses the trailblazers’ network to build leadership skills and innovation.

Sales Hacker U

This is a platform that provides world class thought-leadership, webinars, conferences, online courses, sales training & digital partnerships. This is done through a podcast series where weekly resources are dropped and business owners can benefit. It can be very helpful when you incorporate podcasts like this into your daily schedule.


This is where you can get insights, sayings, quotes, soundbites, and a whole lot of other inspirational resources. It can be soul lifting when you read some of this and you get reassured that there is a chance of big success in what you are into.

Quip (App)

This is an app that helps a workplace team work together and get more things done faster and easier. With the Quip app, the team can always see a goal and the responsibility of working together to achieve them. Less email and physical meetings are needed to foster development and growth.

Founder’s Workbench

Powered by the law firm, Goodwin Procter LLP, Founder’s Workbench is a free online legal advisory resource that help business owners with free legal documents that can give them directory on steps they are about to take and some other things.


This is an online legal information platform that helps business owners, consumers, students and legal professionals find answers to everyday legal questions and get legal counsel when necessary. Also on this website, the access is there to case laws, state and federal statutes, lawyers’ directory, legal news and analysis.


This is basically a website and mobile app that works at keeping families organized. Multiple members of the family can manage their schedules with an account. They can also update shopping and to-do lists. It also features family messaging and a photo collage screensaver.


This is another important resource that offers free appointment scheduler that publishes your calendar and appointments on your website so that people who want new appointments with you can check to see free dates to schedule their appointments. This means you will never be double-booked with this app.


This is a time tracking app that tracks the time spent on tasks and projects. This helps with meeting deadlines and laid down time goals.

Frugal Entrepreneur

If you are new to business, you are covered by this app as it provides business documents, templates, and forms that could be of great use. Documents can be very needful in book keeping, finance reporting, and tax documentation.


This also provides templates for documents which can range from business planning, financial templates, to marketing management. This is to provide businesses with the requisite tools for proper documentation.


This is a tool that combines the best aspects of spreadsheets and databases and puts them together. It basically stores information in a spreadsheet that is visually appealing and easy-to-use. Big businesses use this tool for customer-relationship management, task management, project planning, and tracking inventory.


This is an online collaboration and management tool that helps you organize and prioritize your projects in a fun and flexible way. Team work is also better with this app as you can manage your team and their tasks through each board you create.


This helps with social media marketing in that social media accounts are managed by a dashboard where updates can be gotten. It supports social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Mixi.


Do email marketing better than before with MailChimp. With as much as 10,000 email subscribers, you can send thousands of mails everyday for a simple plan. So, get your email list overflowing as there is a tool to help you reach all the subscribers.

In conclusion, digitalization has made everything easy. You can plan and organize tasks for a whole month using the apps. More, you can better work with your team as there is room for effective collaboration. You can always beat competition by being in sync with the advancement in technology.

The National Independent Hardware Association of America is here for all of your hardware industry needs. Hopefully you have found value within this article on the Best Resources for Your Business. We are interested in what you would like to learn more about, please let us know in the comments below.

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