7 Traits To Look For In A Salesperson

When you ask a successful salesperson “what makes you a better salesperson than others?” You’ll most likely get a reply about the amount of sales they can achieve within a specific amount of time. However, being a successful salesperson has a lot to do with their personality.

Anyone looking to hire a salesperson should know they affect the future of your brand. The salesperson works closely with the marketing department in regards to customer interactions. They need to possess certain qualities like communication skills, marketing skills and their ability to drive sales.

If you are looking to hire a salesperson, you need to know the qualities a salesperson should possess.

Storytelling Skills

Research has shown that no matter how good a salesperson is, if he/she cannot tell a good story about a product and sweet talk their way around it, then your product will remain stagnant. About 80% of the buying process depends on the story you tell about the product. Buyers have done enough research about a product to understand the need for a product or service, but it’s the job of a salesperson to tell them why they should choose your product.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is an important trait in a salesperson’s personality. Before a sales presentation can convince a potential buyer, they need to feel like a user of this product. The conversation must be insightful, forward-thinking and positive to move sales to the next level.


One of the major traits a salesperson should have is the ability to relate to the customer and support them in making the right decision. Empathy is understanding and sharing your potential client’s feelings. An empathetic salesperson can understand a customer’s need and help them make the right choice.


Grit is the ability to create endurance even when it feels tedious. Research has shown that a salesperson with a high-level of grit will perform better than a salesperson with low-level of grit. A salesperson that sticks to the task at hand until they are successful, is a better salesperson.

Technology Oriented

We are in the age where technology can no longer be ignored. Virtually everything works with technology. The primary responsibility of a salesperson is to reach potential customer as fast as possible, and this is where technology steps in. With the use of smartphones, laptops, and  internet you can reach your potential clients in the blink of an eye. Utilize some of those basic tech skills you have to get to your potential clients faster and smarter.

Team Player

Sales are goal-oriented regardless of who takes credit for the highest sales. An individual that is concerned with winning is good for your business. The role of the salesperson is very vital because they affect every aspect of business like marketing, finances and production.

Fun Personality

A salesperson needs to possess a fun personality. If you are looking to hire a sale person you need to be look out for fun attributes in this person. The beauty of sales is the salesperson can add their individual stories and characteristics into each interaction.