5 Tips To Find Your Ideal Customer On Instagram!

Roughly 60% of the world’s greatest businesses advertise their services through Instagram. Instagram has now become a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services. Instagram is not just meant for keeping followers in the loop; you can use this platform to connect with your ideal customer in a single scroll. It is a free platform for connecting with your typical customer to build knowledge, trust, and likability factors needed in converting your followers into clients. Unlike other social networks, Instagram is more comfortable for interacting and engaging your ideal customers. For you to get the best of Instagram, you need to engage, converse and build a bond with your ideal customers before you can start monetizing. Engagement is a crucial factor to get the best from your Instagram advert. With Instagram, you have the opportunity to connect with a wide range of followers that your local advertising campaign might not reach. Let’s take a quick look at some steps to connect with your potential customer on Instagram.

Use Tags and Hashtags

Now you have uploaded a picture; it is essential to tag the brand or people in the picture. It shows your potential and ideal customers the brand you reckon with, and this gives them quick access to their profile. With this, you are making it easy for your followers and also providing them with more value.

Hashtags are one of the efficient ways to connect with new clients on Instagram. Hashtags are like keywords that help you connect a substantial amount of potential customers on Instagram. By creating a unique hashtag and telling people to use it, it allows you reach your ideal customers easily. Embed your Instagram hashtag into the blog post or video ad you create to ensure that their audiences are exposed to your content after they share.

Uses Consistent, Concise and Cohesive Images For Your Feed

Posting beautiful, high-quality images is very important in attracting your ideal clients. Use pictures that are in-focus, well lit and are consistent with your brand. Get a theme and color scheme for your feed that matches your brand. Ensure that your feed conveys the message you’re trying to send to your ideal customers.

Give Value in Every Post

It’s not enough to tell people about your services or products because most people don’t care unless you have what they need. Instead of just posting random content, you need to provide value with every post. Use pictures with content that is entertaining, informing, funny, or motivating. Choose the kind of value you want to deliver based on your industry and your potential customer. Not only will this attract your ideal customer, but it will also keep them coming for more.

Include Your Business Info on your Instagram Profile

After setting up your Instagram account, use a profile picture that incorporates your brand. Add a short description of your business in the Name section because whenever a person gets a notification from you, the brief description next to your username will be displayed. After the short description, you can add a story for your brand that will attract the interest of your ideal customers.

Your description should answer the questions of who are you? What do you offer? Instagram has character limits so keep it short and precise. You can spice the description with emojis. If you feel like you want your ideal customer to know more about your business, add a link to your website homepage. You can use bit.ly to shorten your site link.

Engage With Your Followers

Engagement is important to gain the attention of your potential customers and other business owners. You can make a good business relationship using Instagram both with your ideal customers and also other business owners. Although it may seem tedious, it is one of the necessary tools for connecting with your customer.

Leave comments on the post and write meaningful replies to captions especially people who could use your product or service and build a real Instagram relationship with them. Don’t forget to give responses to comments on your post and appreciate the comments on your post.