5 Things Every Retailer Wants To Hear About New Products

As a retailer, you have to provide a steady stream of quality products that satisfy consumer needs. Retailer must be familiar with every new product that comes into the store. When trying to sell a retailer a new product there are certain things you should bring to their attention. These are the most common things a retailer wants to hear about new products:


You should be able to completely describe your product to the retailer. This may include the uses, side effects, flavors, scent, how, when and where it can be used. You should include all of the knowledge you have about your product, nothing should be left out. If your product comes in various sizes (5 grams, 20grams, 50grams…), the size of the product should be included in the description because retailers tend to confuse different sizes and there prices.


How fragile is the product? What are it’s ingredient? Can it be categorized as GOOD or BAD? All of these details should be provided by the manufacturer. A material data sheet should be provided for the new products and explained verbally to the retailer. Additionally, retailers need to  know when a product will expire for inventory and safety purposes.


How much does your product cost for retailers? What is the recommended retail price? Most importantly, what do these margins mean for the retailer?

Fake Products

There are many product imitations on the market today and it can be very difficult to tell the difference between authentic and fake products. You should indicate the authenticity of your products.


Every retailer likes receiving feedback from new products. Good feedback reassures the retailer the product was a good choice. Receiving bad feedback about the product will stop the retailer from reordering.

Using the above guidelines should help prepare you for any questions retailers may have about your product.