5 Apps To Increase Your Efficiency

Time is valuable to everyone. Everyone wants do more in a less time. Apart from your aspirations for your business, you’re always finding a way to get things done better, faster and more efficiently. The good news is technology has provided apps that help you become more productive and efficient. The right apps will spare you some time and help you simplify tasks you do daily, grow your business and yourself. Here are five apps to increase your efficiency:


Evernote is a significant app for improving efficiency and productivity. You can list everything you need to do on it. One of the fascinating features of Evernote is that you can use it across several devices which will be very handy if you have different types of gadget. The app helps you stay organized by reminding you of your schedule and saving emergency notes on it if you do not have pen and paper. Evernote has features such as; voice reminders, to-do list,  and adding pictures to your notes. The app is free, and it also has pricing plans like the premium and business plan. With the paid plan you can access other features like; working offline, added security, editing and sharing notes between your friends, co-workers, or boss.

Focus Booster

Focus booster is a digital timer that helps you in taking time out while helping you to stay focused on your task. The app makes use of the Pomodoro Technique which involves taking a five-minute break every 25 minutes. This will encourage taking short breaks between more extended working hours.  The app helps you save some time for stretching your body or a quick meditation with is key in increasing efficiency in the long run. All you have to do is define your tasks and break length, and you are good to go for the workday. The app is free, and it has a good user interface too.


TodoList is a great app that can help you in managing your workload which is essential to increase efficiency. You may find it hard to identify which tasks are urgent and which aren’t. You don’t have to worry, TodoList will help you solve the problem. The app allows you to create tasks, subtasks, set up the recurrent event, add priority labels, and also discuss item with your colleagues and friends. TodoList supports Google Home and Amazon Echo, so it’s possible for you to use voice commands to the checklist and add details. The app lets you collaborate with five people in the free version, and it allows you work with up to 25 people with a premium plan.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a mobile word processing app by Google. You can easily export and import Microsoft word into the app, and all documents can easily be synced into Google Drive (Google’s cloud storage platform). Google Docs has surpassed over other word processing apps by having the right features that help you get work done without complicating the process. You can share, synchronize, instantly save and also protect your document by choosing a four-digit password. The app is excellent to get writing and edits done without a laptop and it’s free.


Social media is now part of our daily lives and businesses, so, staying on top of it all can be time consuming. Buffer helps you streamline your social media post, and it help you remove the need to have different platforms open. The apps allow you to schedule and share your posts on various platforms from one place including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn. Buffer schedule your posts to be sent exactly when you need them. You will also get analytics which give you insights on the performance of every post. The app is free but also has premium plans.