4 Quick Pinterest Ad Hacks to Boost Your Ecommerce

Pinterest has come to retain its place as one of the biggest social media platforms on the internet. Pinterest has over 250 million users and the number is steadily growing. Within 10 years of its presence in the business world, it has been able to help a lot of businesses grow and reach more customers. However, most businesses don’t use Pinterest. They are more comfortable with the paid search and paid social platforms with other social media tools. The benefits for a business with Pinterest are quite enormous and here are 4 quick Pinterest ad hacks to boost your ecommerce.

Create that catchy story

You should gain traction by creating a story your audience would love to follow. Have a picture that focuses on what you are talking about and draw your target audience attention with it. To be frank, your audiences are more drawn by the story than the ad. Whatever you are selling comes second. Your beautifully designed visual must be able to make your audience connect on an emotional level. Give them love, nostalgia, passion, fantasy or anything that falls in line with your product.

Let your text impress

To have ads that convert, you have to develop and use text that excites viewers and supports the overall message you’re trying to get across with your ad.

When creating the Pinterest ad for your product, dedicate time to think about how to use text to add force to the message, promise and call-to-action you’re trying to express via your visual. Every word and letter can add additional value and context for the Pinterest users who see your ad, so make these things count.

Experiment with ad formats

Ads that make for conversion take time to get. You may not get the winning one at first trial but with experiment with different ad formats, you should get to the most suitable one soon enough. You can try promoted pins, promoted video pins, promoted carousels, and promoted app pins. When a user clicks on a pin, it will suggest more pins like the current one.

Your landing page is very important

This is where your clients are transported to when they click on your ads. You should make sure you spend as much time building and optimizing the landing page they ultimately see as you spend on the ad. Keep the message and visuals the same and keep your landing page simple. Your call to action must be simple enough for people to know exactly what you want them to do at a few glances.

What brands sell differ from each other. Thus, the same ideas and methods would not work for all businesses. With constant experiments, you can easily get what works best for your business.