3 Ways To Decrease Stress

Stress is unavoidable; it is a collective experience most people have. 70% of adults here in the US feel stressed out daily. Stress occurs when you think the burden or demands on you surpass your ability to cope. Pressure may be good sometimes; it may provide you the energy and drive to get through some challenges in your work or business. Extreme amount of weight also has negative health consequences that can affect your nervous systems, immune, cardiovascular system and can take a critical emotional toll. If left untreated, stress can result in insomnia, anxiety, weakened the immune system, and may be part of the causes of some illnesses like depression, obesity, and heart disease. It is important to manage stress in order to move forward and live a more productive life. Finding the proper way to decrease stress will help you reduce some of these negative consequences. Here are three ways to minimize stress:


Just as exercise benefits the body, it also benefits the mind considerably. Exercise is one of the proven methods of combating stress. Stressing your body physically will help reduce mental stress. Regular exercise will help you reduce the likelihood of having stress or anxiety than those who don’t. Exercise will help you lower your body hormones and will help you release chemicals that help lighten your mood. By exercising, you will improve the quality of your sleep which may be affected by stress thereby increasing your productivity. Look for an activity you enjoy, walking, dancing, running or swimming during a stressful time will give you relief that will last for several hours. If you are exercising regularly you will feel more confident which will also help your mental and physical well being.

Good Social Interaction

Spend time with family and friends. Social support from your family, friends, and co-workers will help you get through stressful times. Having a network of friends will make you feel valued and will give you a sense of belonging which is very beneficial during tough times. Research has proven that spending time with family and friends helps decrease natural stress and people with few social connections are more likely to suffer from stress and depression. Get across to a friend by calling, texting or chatting with them. Sharing your feelings and concerns with someone you trust will help in decreasing your stress.


Meditation and perhaps a mindful prayer will help your mind and keep your body focused; it also helps to reduce stress. Meditation can help you see a new perspective, forgive, and develop self-compassion. Performing any form of meditation will help release emotions that may have been causing your body stress. Just like exercise, there are immediate benefits in meditating. Learn to focus and manage your thoughts so that you can leave the past behind and focus on the present. It will help you be more productive and have a stress-free day. Moving on and changing your thoughts will help you decrease stress for a good life in the present.